Fees There’s no monthly fees. Registration on Own Plants is totally free. Listing fee of 50 cents plus 5% success fee when your item sells.Read More →

In order for the vendor to get paid, you need to add your preferred payment method in Dashboard > Settings > Payment . You can select from 2 payment methods : Bank Transfer or Paypal Payment Method : Bank Transfer Payment Method : PaypalRead More →

After ownplants.co.nz admin approved your seller registration, here is how you’re going to setup your store the first time! It will take less than 5 minutes for any seller to setup their store. The first time the seller logs in to their store, “Store Setup” wizard will appear. This will give them option to setup store essential setting at the very begining. If any vendor skipped setup widget or want to change any store setting in future then they can do this easily from their dashboard as well. Just have to go https://ownplants.co.nz/?store-setup=yes Vendor’s setting page always shows a profile completeness progress bar on topRead More →